Pulteney Street, Adelaide, SA

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Bianco Precast were contacted by the Quantity Surveyors & Architects to provide advice on precast design & cost analysis in the early stages of this project. Bianco Precast recommended load bearing perimeter walling together with load bearing lift and stair shafts. After comparisons the Quantity Surveyors agreed that the additional cost of the extra reinforcement and concrete in the precast was more than offset by the cost savings in the structure and the design proceeded accordingly.

When the Builder was finally appointed by negotiation with the client they indicated a Company preference for post fixed precast but persevered with the load bearing design as it was already completed. Their concern was that any delays in precast supply would significantly affect progress of the structural frame.

At the completion of the project the Site Management team provided this information & appraisal to Bianco Precast.

During the construction & internal fit-out the Builder gained 12 weeks on programme which they considered solely due to the precast design, for the following reasons.

  • The façade of factory glazed window surround panels proceeded in parallel with the structure, negating a later installation operation.
  • Second fixing trades could commence much earlier in the enclosed lower floors.
  • Sick leave was statistically their lowest on record – attributed to working (particularly through winter) in an enclosed & sheltered environment.
  • Without perimeter columns the installation of joinery, desks, benches, etc bordering the external walling was extremely efficient.

The Builder’s site team said the project was an outstanding success for their Company & they would embrace the principle of load bearing precast for future designs.

The façade is an interesting blend of polished reconstructed granite units at ground level & panels with contrasting bands of sandblasted & acid washed finishes at higher levels. The main entrance is flanked by impressive 18 tonne polished columns.