BubbleDeck floors eliminate up to 35% of concrete from suspended slabs. Add further savings from lighter structures, improved productivity and reduced energy consumption and it's easy to see how using BubbleDeck preformed slabs can contribute to a healthy bottom line for construction projects.

With no formwork, no beams and fast coverage of up to 20m2 per panel, BubbleDeck yields floor cycles up to 20 - 30% faster than traditional construction methods. Regardless of project size or complexity, simply prop, place and pour to quickly install suspended concrete floor slabs.

Off-site pre-fabricated, fewer personnel on site (form workers & steel fixers), fewer vehicle movements and crane lifts and simple installation all combine to minimise operating and health & safety risks.

The revolutionary BubbleDeck method virtually eliminates concrete not performing any structural function from the middle of a floor slab, thereby dramatically reducing structural dead weight. Void formers in the middle of a flat slab eliminate up to 35% of the slab self-weight, removing constraints of high dead loads and short spans. The use of recycled plastic bubbles as void formers permits longer spans between columns. The combination of this with a flat slab construction approach spanning in two directions means that the slab is connected directly to insitu concrete columns without any beams.

The use of BubbleDeck produces a wide range of cost and construction benefits including:

  • The 50MPa precast concrete deck replaces formwork (no form workers and no stripping of formwork required).
  • The precast panel (desk) comes with top and bottom reinforcing already installed (no steel workers required).
  • Two way system; typically replacing post-tensioned slabs.
  • Longer spans between columns – up to 50 % further than traditional structures.
  • Reduced Dead Weight – up to 35 % removed allowing smaller foundation sizes.
  • Reduced concrete usage – 1kg of recycled plastic replaces 100 kg of concrete.
  • Environmentally green and sustainable – reduced energy use and carbon emissions.
  • Can core anywhere through the slab without fear of hitting tendons.
  • Fast, simple, clean and less site labour.
  • Improved floor cycle times and less back propping.
  • Monolithic slab allowing slab pour areas to be flexible.
  • Flat soffit without beams. Down stand Beams eliminated – quicker and cheaper erection of walls and services.
  • Hand rail tubes can be cast-in or ferrules cast-in and hand rail brackets attached.
  • Prefabricated upstands.
  • Less site vehicle movements and cranage.
  • High productivity rate due to off-site under cover pre-fabrication.
  • Design Freedom – flexible layout easily adapts to irregular & curved plan layouts.