The mix is batched using coarse and fine granite aggregate having the same structural capabilites & properties as normal concrete. After a suitable curing period, panels are processed where approximately 5mm of the surface is removed commencing with coarse diamonds & finishing with fine polishing stones.  Panels are cast oversize to compensate for the material removed and maintain reinforcement cover.

General Remarks 

Polished finishes are appealing due to the low maintenance and longevity of their high quality appearance.  Traditionally they were frequently used only on prestige public buildings, corporate head offices, banks, insurance buildings, etc.  Due to the long term benefits, polished finishes are now appearing more in general buildings like shopping centres, apartments, homes, etc.

In choosing colours for polished panel projects, the best results are generally achieved by closely matching the matrix & main granite aggregates.  Polished finishes are generally consistent in colour, repairs unnoticable & durability is of the highest order.