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Bianco Walling commenced as a small bricklaying contractor (Bianco Bricklayers) in 1994.  From a small unimposing yard and transportable office, the fledging business commenced and successfully completed several major projects in and around Adelaide.  It was these major projects that established Bianco Bricklayers reputation for excellence and service to our clients.

As demand for cost effective construction with tighter time constraints grew, so did the need for innovative construction.  As a result a decision was made in 2000 to add concrete wall manufacture to the organisation; this resulted in the birth of Bianco Walling.  A state of the art facility with the latest technology from around the world was constructed to produce high quality grey precast concrete panels.  Further investment in the latest computer technology, dedicated and experienced personnel ensured that Bianco Walling remained at the forefront of precast concrete manufacture.

In July 2004 Bianco Walling acquired Constress a long established company with a sound reputation for the manufacture of high quality architecturally designed precast concrete panels. 

In July 2006 Bianco Walling began trading as Bianco Precast following the acquisition of Bianco PCP & Drainage; a division specialising in precast drainage and associated products as well as Structural Civil precast elements such as Super T bridge beams.

These acquisitions allowed Bianco Precast to compliment its product range and provide our clients with the added convenience of obtaining all their precast concrete requirements from one supplier.

The original bricklaying team continues to provide quality service to the South Australian construction industry and in January 2007 became the exclusive installer of AFS (Architectural Framing Systems - a concrete filled load bearing wall system commonly used in the Eastern States). 

Our diversity in walling products offers our clients numerous options for achieving cost effective solutions to suit all types of construction projects. 

Today, Bianco Precast services a national market, retaining its emphasis on quality products delivered with fast and efficient service. 

Telephone: +61 8 8359 0666
Copyright © Bianco Precast
All Rights Reserved

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