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Bianco Precast is renowned for their expertise in manufacturing Architectural and Grey precast concrete panels, as well as Drainage and Structural elements (e.g. Super 'T' Bridge Beams).  This reputation has been gained from a long history of quality, program commitment, dedication to detail and the ability to undertake the most complex of precast works.


Bianco Precast has a Quality Management System (ISO 9001) Certified by SAI Global (Lic No. QEC 24389).  Our objective is to provide an assurance to our clients that the quality of our products meet the requirements specified for each job.  The management and staff of Bianco Precast are fully committed to the continual improvement of all our products and services.


Bianco Precast is proud of its reputation to provide high quality products; this has resulted from our commitment to utilize the latest technology available:

• Advanced European manufacturing technology and equipment.

• In house experienced shop drawers with the latest drafting technology.

• Full-time Structural Engineer on staff.

• Computerised concrete batching plant.

• Four state of the art fully programmable polishing machines.


With quality a major factor in precast manufacturing, Bianco Precast has an established N.A.T.A. accredited laboratory adjacent to the manufacturing facilities.  Through our N.A.T.A. accredited laboratory we can perform construction materials testing on our products.  The laboratory complies with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 (2005).


Bianco Precast has an extensive product range providing our clients with the added convenience of obtaining all their precast concrete requirements in one location.

With the availability of four polishing machines Bianco Precast has developed a national reputation for quality polished finishes.


All units produced by Bianco Precast are cast to architect’s design and are used as either loading-bearing, lost formwork or clip-on precast depending on engineering requirements.  We are the only  precaster with in-house drafters in South Australia, this allows us to control lead time efficiently.  Our specialist precast drafting team is also the largest in South Australia.


Finishes include:

·                     Polished finishes

·                     Sandblasted finishes

·                     Acid Etched finishes

·                     Exposed Aggregate finishes

·                    Off-form finishes
·                     Form Liners
·                     Bricksnaps

Production of these elements can also include the supply of shop drawings, fixings, transport and on-site erection.


Construction programs are becoming more and more demanding with precast concrete often on the critical path. Our facilities boast large storage capabilities, particularly our Grand Junction Road facility which is situated on 4.5 hectares of land. This provides our clients with peace of mind knowing that panels can be manufactured, stored and called up as required to meet program requirements.


Precast Concrete Handbook:


Telephone: +61 8 8359 0666
Copyright © Bianco Precast
All Rights Reserved

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