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South Australia | Victoria | New South Wales | ACT

New South Wales

Northpoint Offices

Location: Cnr. Miller Street & Pacific Highway
Years Built: 1992
Project Value: $1,300,000
Builder: Phillip Lipman


South Australia

Australian Taxation Office - Pulteney Street

Location: Pulteney Street, Adelaide
Years Built: 1994
Project Value: $1,000,000
Builder: Bovis Lend Lease

Precast Profile:


 Bianco Precast were contacted by the Quantity Surveyors & Architects to provide advice on precast design & cost analysis in the early stages of this project. Bianco Precast recommended load bearing perimeter walling together with load bearing lift and stair shafts. After comparisons the Quantity Surveyors agreed that the additional cost of the extra reinforcement and concrete in the precast was more than offset by the cost savings in the structure and the design proceeded accordingly.

When the Builder was finally appointed by negotiation with the client they indicated a Company preference for post fixed precast but persevered with the load bearing design as it was already completed. Their concern was that any delays in precast supply would significantly affect progress of the structural frame.

At the completion of the project the Site Management team provided this information & appraisal to Bianco Precast.

During the construction & internal fit-out the Builder gained 12 weeks on programme which they considered solely due to the precast design, for the following reasons.

(a)     The façade of factory glazed window surround panels proceeded in parallel with the structure, negating a later installation operation.

(b)    Second fixing trades could commence much earlier in the enclosed lower floors.

(c)     Sick leave was statistically their lowest on record – attributed to working (particularly through winter) in an enclosed & sheltered environment.

(d)    Without perimeter columns the installation of joinery, desks, benches, etc bordering the external walling was extremely efficient.

The Builder’s site team said the project was an outstanding success for their Company & they would embrace the principle of load bearing precast for future designs.

The façade is an interesting blend of polished reconstructed granite units at ground level & panels with contrasting bands of sandblasted & acid washed finishes at higher levels. The main entrance is flanked by impressive 18 tonne polished columns.

Australian Taxation Office - Waymouth Street

Location: Waymouth Street, Adelaide
Years Built: 1994
Project Value: $1,500,000
Builder: Multiplex

Precast Profile:


 The polished precast concrete panels forming the colonnade around the podium are probably the finest example of Reconstructed Granite in Australia .

Most of the panels are polished on both sides and edges, and sit on polished plinth columns. The deep recessed bands & polished cornices enhance the elegance of this façade, which is almost indistinguishable from genuine granite.


The upper panels of an off-white sandblasted finish form a sunscreen to the North, East & West facades.



Southern Cross Railway Station

Location: Above Western Platforms at Southern Cross Station
Years Built: 2006
Project Value: $2,250,000
Builder: Leighton Contractors

Precast Profile


 The Ceiling Units were dual purpose in that they provided a coffered heritage style ceiling to harmonise with the Architectural concept & were also structurally adequate to support a proposed future multi storey building.

Approximately 200 units of two different configurations were required, all with a high grade off form finish visible from the platforms. Accordingly, the quality of the moulds were of paramount importance & in Bianco’s design, no expense was spared to achieve the desired result.


The moulds were complex & deterred many Precasters from contemplating tendering. Many components were computer cut to size & joined by welding, with all welds ground flush with the finished surface. The visible off form surface therefore presented excellent sharp arrases & being suitably tapered, only the exterior formwork needed stripping.

The mould cost, although high, was justified as it amortised at less than $500 per unit or $25 per M2, allowed a daily cycle & provided a quality finish with labour savings of approximately 20% during manufacture.  

Deakin University

Location: Burwood Highway, Burwood
Years Built: 1997
Project Value: $1,500,000
Builder: Baulderstone Hornibrook

Precast Profile:


 The main administration building was the “iconic” building on the campus & accordingly the Architect chose a polished finish using off-white granite in imported white cement. White cements vary considerably in strength gain (important for daily mould cycles) & in “whiteness” (determined by an index with pure white being 100%). After considerable research Bianco Precast sourced a white cement that had the highest 24 hour strength gain & registered 92% on the White Scale ( less than 1% below the best performing White Cement which unfortunately had inadequate 24 hour strength gain for efficient precasting).


To achieve the impression of a curved building the Architect designed the façade with narrow facetted panels. To reduce manufacturing & erection costs the panels spanned 2 floors vertically, in this instance a cost effective way of halving the number of  panels on the project.


The other significant features of this building are the 9 storey high free standing walls at each end. These are clad each side with polished panels which act as lost formwork for the 600mm thick reinforced concrete walls. The Builder met the serious challenge of constructing these walls without any external fixings / formwork bolts etc being visible in the final structure.

Quay West (Miravac)

Location: Yarra River, Southbank
Years Built: 1998
Project Value: $2,000,000
Builder: Bovis Lend Lease

Precast profile:

331 polished (mostly curved) precast panels to the northern facade facing the Yarra River.  Integral columns were incorporated in the complex load bearing panels which were cast using 65 MPa concrete.  Concrete mix design of 18mm white granite in brightonlite cement with some titanium dioxide as a whitening agent.

The northern facade included a smaller set-back section designed with a concentric radius to the major facade area.  Bianco Precast suggested that at such a large radius it would not be noticeable if this section was the same radius as the major facade.  After checking, the Architect agreed and therefore only one set of curved moulds were required; saving the client a considerable sum of money.  

120 Spencer Street

Location: Opposite Southern Cross Station
Years Built: 2006/2007
Project Value: $1,000,000
Builder: Kane Construction

Precast Profile


 72  large polished panels (mostly U shaped & in excess of 10 Tonnes) erected “back to back” enclosing the steel columns & beams to give the appearance of an immense granite colonnade.


Bianco Precast were consulted during the design phase & their proposal for the columns & beams to be identical external dimensions resulted in only one expensive U shaped mould being required to cast all the columns & beams.


The concrete mix of Calca red granite in Brightonlite cement with red / brown oxide as formulated by Bianco Precast gave the matrix a colour similar to the aggregate resulting in an overall appearance consistent with natural granite. This together with the concealed fixings, designed by Bianco Precast, added to the illusion of huge granite columns & beams.


The location demanded some week end erection, which compressed the time available for this process. However, with careful planning by the Builder & Bianco’s co-operation & experience an impressive number of large complex panels were erected in the times available.


Federal Law Courts

Location: Corner of Angus Street & Victoria Square, Adelaide
Years Built: 2005
Project Value: $3,000,000
Builder: Hansen Yuncken P/L

Precast Profile


The Precast Industry generally consider round polished columns as the most difficult items to manufacture (as well as the most time consuming) & this project contained the largest sizes & greatest number of polished  round columns in any project in Australia to date, as well as a significant number of 'L' shaped panels & other complex shapes.


The basement had been constructed previously under a separate contract & therefore a substantial amount of lead time for precast manufacture had “evaporated” as the Builder was able to move directly on to an established, partly constructed site.  In addition, most of the round polished columns were load bearing at ground level & therefore critical to the early part of the Builder’s programme.  Bianco Precast have the only dedicated imported round column polishing machine in Australia & by using this on extended shifts & with close & continual consultation with the Builder, all columns & panels were delivered on programme.


The mix design of crusher run Harcourt Granite in Brightonlite/ HES cements of equal proportions, as developed by Bianco Precast, closely resembled natural Harcourt Granite and resulted in an outstanding appearance with the building seemingly constructed from huge Granite monoliths.


Job Summary:

Polished Round Columns:

1300 diam        8

900 diam          12 

600 diam          32

Polished Panels            245

Sandblasted Panels       40

Grey Panels (holding cells)        50

Webber Residence

Location: Seaview Road, Tennyson
Years Built: 2007
Project Value: $500,000
Builder: Private

Precast Profile:


 With an exposed beachfront location the owner sought expert Engineering advice regarding the most suitable walling materials to use to negate any durability concerns.


The Engineer had no hesitation in recommending polished precast concrete panels manufactured from reconstructed granite together with other durable materials such as stainless steel down pipes, balustrades, etc. The residence is an object lesson in choice of materials in respect to the environment in that particular location.

The design mix chosen by the Client was off-white granite in Brightonlite Cement with some Titanium dioxide to further lighten the colour.


No expense was spared in attention to details like polished edges & chamfers which enhance the appearance of this attractive residence.

Ramada Plaza 'OAKS'

Location: Holdfast Promenade, Glenelg
Years Built: Year
Project Value: $$$
Builder: Builder

Text Content

Hyatt Hotel

Location: North Terrace, Adelaide
Years Built: Year
Project Value: $4,000,000
Builder: Builder

Pink Sandstone, Sand Blasted.
Number of Panels: 1323

Norfolk Pines Apartments

Location: Colley Tce. / Augusta St., Glenelg
Years Built: Year
Project Value: $350,000
Builder: Builder

Text Content

Uniting Church

Location: Bradman Drive / Beverley Street, Brooklyn Park
Years Built: Year
Project Value: $$$
Builder: Builder

Text Content

Channel 10

Location: Adelaide
Years Built: 2007
Project Value: $$$
Builder: Builder

Network 10

Place on Brougham

Location: North Adelaide
Years Built: 2007
Project Value: $$$
Builder: Builder

290 panels grey and architectural

Telephone: +61 8 8359 0666
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